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Release Notes - BETA v0.7


**metadata-qa:  Test Drive begins on Friday, May 15th, 2019**

BETA v0.7 Environment Information: 

Bank baseurl:

apikey / x-api-key:  Click here to request access   

Planned Deployments
Issue keySummary
MBANK-991Get linear schedules endpoint sometimes returning events for channels other than provided "providersource" parameterBug5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-1082Catalog endpoint timesout for certain BV IdsBug5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-1081Metadata bank API is not updating Credits Roles for Series and EpisodeBug5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-998Metadata bank API throws an error when I search series title with an apostropheBug5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-984Fix the NolaRoot to uppercase ex: NOLARoot for data consistency.Bug5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-1007Duplicate entries available for Credit Roles enum listBug5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-985Manifestation record has ParentUID set to NULLBug5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-950CompilationEntryUID can be used across CompilationsTask5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-948From EVENT GET endpoints, allow up to 70,000 and no less than 1,000Task5/15/20195/15/2019
MBANK-987504 - Gateway Timeout when retrieving "seasons by series UID" with default paginationBug5/15/20195/15/2019
MABNK-1266As a Metadata Product Customer, I want to access Funder and Media-Inventory information from MetadataCore API instead of existing MetadataBank API - [Separate existing MetadataBank as 2 APIGateway projects - MetadataBank & MetadataCore]. (disruptive) 
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