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Release Notes - v2 BETA


**Test Drive begins on Friday, Jan 18, 2019**

Rollout scheduled for the week of Feb 4th.

1. BETA v2 Environment Information: 


apikey:<<Send  request to>> 

x-api-key:<<Send  request to>> 


Artifacts     Name
Postman Collection and Environment
JSON Schema

2. CRs in UAT5 Endpoints:

· Modified existing endpoints.

i) The catalog search endpoint returns Series  entity along with only matched seasons.

ii) The [ReleaseDate] - Removed from all entities.

iii) The ParentID renamed to ParentUID for Season,  Episode, Manifestation, File.  (disruptive)

iv) The pagination is implemented for all search and  get endpoints.

v) The Soft delete is implemented for all delete  entities endpoints.

vi) The DeletedEntityList is added for all changelog  endpoints.

vii) New SNS notification topic defined for manifestation  change on events.

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